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Preventing Catastrophe: Detecting & Locating Generator Hotspots

Hosted by Business Review, June 2015

Today’s power plant operator faces a range of challenges, from the reduction of well-trained plant personnel, to load cycling, to extended periods between outages and grid fluctuations brought about from renewables. The added stress placed on large power generators – both hydrogen and air-cooled – lends increased credence to online condition monitoring technologies and risk mitigation strategies.

This webinar will also review the use of Generator Condition Monitors to detect overheating in air-cooled generators. Recent advancements in air-cooled generator designs have resulted in increasingly higher power ratings. The higher power densities place significantly greater stresses on the materials and structures, making slight decreases in cooling efficiencies much more critical. Probability of overheating in these air-cooled machines becomes greater as designs are pushed closer to their critical limits.



12 Steps toward Maximizing Hydrogen Safety

Catastrophic events have reinforced the critical importance of safety and risk mitigation strategies in power plants worldwide. This must-see webinar will discuss the pros and cons of using hydrogen, methods used to measure gas purity and dew point, and issues to consider along with the 12 Steps towards ensuring maximum hydrogen safety for the protection of your machines and plant personnel.


Hydrogen Safety: Best Practices for Large Turbo Generators, Gas Monitoring and Purging

Hosted by Energy-Tech Magazine October 2013

View the recorded version of the webinar on Energy-Tech's web site

What You Need to Know about Hydrogen Purity and Dewpoint for Large Turbogenerators

Hosted by POWER Magazine July 2013

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