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E/One Utility Systems

E/One's involvement spans the life cycle of the generator, and often begins as part of an OEM's original scope of supply to the plant. Our critical gas auxiliary systems are designed for use with scavenging or vacuum-type seal oil configurations. E/One has earned a primary-source status with the industry's leading manufacturers. Safety and unit efficiency are at the core of these applications.

Upon start-up and commissioning of the plant, and throughout the OEM warranty period, E/One delivers applications and field service support, and supplies risk mitigation technologies aligned to asset protection. These systems may similarly be offered as part of the OEM's original scope, and enable owners to better respond to today's challenges -- increased cycling, reductions in experienced plant personnel, aging fleet and prolonged periods between outages.

Extending the life and efficiency of a generating asset requires a broad perspective, including not only the machine itself, but the auxiliary systems and predictive maintenance systems that support it.

During this phase of the generator's life, E/One assists owners by supplying upgrades that meet evolving safety standards for hazardous areas, and by integrating technologies into cost-effective packages that allow installation work to be accomplished within the more dominant, critical path boiler and turbine outage periods.

Equipment for hydrogen-cooled generators
Generator Gas Analyzers (GGA)
Portable Hydrogen Gas Analyzer (PGA)
Generator Gas Dryers (GGD)
Generator Condition Monitors (GCM-X)
Gen-Tags for locating generator hotspots
Gas Stations — combining multiple technologies onto one skid
Generator Gas Manifold
Hydrogen Control Cabinet II

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