E/One Sentry Alarm Panels

E/One offers a line of alarm panels for its grinder pump stations. Panels are available with a range of options and can also be customized.

  • They are supplied with audible and visual high level alarms.
  • They are easily installed in accordance with relevant national and local codes.
  • Standard panels are approved by UL, CSA, CE and NSF to ensure high quality and safety.
  • The panel features a corrosion-proof, NEMA 4X-rated, thermoplastic enclosure.
  • A padlock is provided to prevent unauthorized entry (dead front).

Note: The photos below may show optional features.

Alarm Panels for Simplex Grinder Pump Stations

E/One Sentry Alarm Panel for E/One Grinder Pumps


Basic Panel

Circuit breakers, terminal blocks & ground lugs, audible alarm with manual silence, manual run


E/One Sentry Alarm Panel - Protect Package for E/One Grinder Pumps


Protect Panel

"Basic" package, plus Trouble indication and contact group



E/One Sentry Alarm Panel - Protect Plus Package for E/One Grinder Pumps

 Protect Plus Panel

"Protect" package, plus predictive status, pre-alarm indication, LCD display, hour meter, cycle counter, alarm delay


E/One Sentry PreSTAT panel for E/One grinder pumps

T260 Panel

Circuit breakers, terminal blocks, ground lugs, dry contacts, indicator lights (lead/lag, alarm, run) manual push-to-run. Shown with optional generator receptacle


E/One Sentry Duplex Protect Plus

High/low voltage monitoring; high/low wattage monitoring; extended run time; cycle/event counter; adjustable run time limit; adjustable power-up and alarm delays; and system self-test


Alarm Panels for Quadplex (4 pumps) Grinder Pump Stations

Quad Panel BoxQuad T260 Alternating Alarm Panel

Circuit breakers; terminal blocks and ground lugs; dry contacts; lead/lag, run and alarm indicator lights; manual push-to-run; generator receptacle with auto transfer; E/One Sentry Advisor available (option)


E/One Sentry Advisor: Remote Monitoring Option

E/One Sentry Advisor - Remote Monitoring System for Grinder Pumps E/One Sentry Advisor

Remote monitoring system for E/One grinder pumps. Monitor the station from any web-enabled smartphone, tablet or computer.

Remote Sentry In-Home Display

E/One Remote Sentry for Grinder Pump Alarm Panels Remote Sentry

In-home display module is ideal for installations where the grinder pump alarm panel cannot easily be seen