Paradise Valley, Arizona


Paradise Valley focus sheet (PDF)

The original builder of this property had gone bankrupt when installing a sump pump and lift station. Arizona builder Michael Mendelsohn knew that an E/One grinder pump was a much more economical — and reliable — choice.

The Land

• Solid rock and a home site below grade

The Problem

• The town's environmental requirements meant minimal disruption was allowed during construction
• Rocky terrain

The Solution

• An E/One grinder pump required less excavation
• The E/One grinder pump cost a fraction of the sump pump and lift station

Paradise Valley Today

• An E/One GP 2014 was installed at the home and connected to the town sewer line in the street above the home


“I was really comfortable with the Environment One grinder pumps for the project because I knew they were very reliable. When you are building a multi-million dollar home, you want to make sure the sewer system is not going to fail. I chose a dual pump system from E/One – if one pump shuts down, an alarm sounds and the other pump keeps working. Sump pumps, on the other hand, are notoriously unreliable, so I would have been very nervous about the failure rate for that solution.”

- Michael Mendelsohn