Fallingwater, Mill Run, Pennsylvania fallingwater


Fallingwater article, Custom Builder magazine (PDF)

Fallingwater, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, is renowned as one of the most unique homes ever built in America. The home, an historical site visited by thousands of people each year, cantilevers over Bear Run in western Pennsylvania. The Western Pennsylvania Conservancy had strict requirements for sewage disposal when Fallingwater underwent its massive restoration.

The Land

Fallingwater cantilevers over Bear Run and is located downhill from the sewage treatment plant.

The Problem

• Historical site meant strict requirements for excavation and grinder pump location
• Sewage needed to be collected from several buildings, then pumped uphill to the treatment plant

The Solution

• Directional drilling was used to install the sewer lines, protecting the existing plants and trees
• The E/One Sewer system met the requirements of esthetics and seasonal high flows

Fallingwater Today

• The E/One Sewer system is virtually invisible to visitors


"All of the pump covers … blend into the environment … Esthetics are very, very important. There are two pumps by the main house and the guest house, and no one knows that they are there. "

— Jeff Gaul, Director of Maintenance